Surgeons Gone Bad

Dr.CHARLES M. MOMAH, Washington Summary Suspension. The statement of charges alleges that Momah raped a 21-year-old patient while she was being examined in his office for a medical problem. Momah then allegedly threatened the patient with retaliation if she reported the event to the police. Momah, who also had disciplinary actions taken against him in New York, faces a series of allegations.

Dr. HERSCHELL BOYD, Washington $16.9 million in payments and 149 reports.

License revoked. A Bellevue eye doctor and former president of a national Ophthalmologist association. Boyd transferred his assets to Lichtenstein and fled his $6 million mansion- rather than face an avalanche of lawsuits alleging he botched eye surgeries. Boyd began performing radial keratotomy- a process whereby slits are cut into the surface of the cornea to refocus a patient’s vision- in the early 1980s. By the 1990s he faced more than 100 malpractice lawsuits related to the procedure.


$8.5 million in payments and 40 reports.

Practice shut down. A Houston Orthopedic surgeon: Dr. Scheffey has been accused of performing unnecessary operations and overcharging patients. He was busted for cocaine possession in 1985.

Dr. ROBERT BROWN JR., Florida:

$3.3 million in payments and 38 reports.

License surrendered. A Jacksonville Gynecologist accused of performing unnecessary surgeries for the money, Brown was arrested in 1997 and charged with trading painkillers for oral sex from teenage girls. Brown, who surrendered his license, is serving four years in prison.


$6.4 million in payments and 233 reports.

License surrendered. Dr. Melvyn Rosenstein reattached John Wayne Bobbitt`s severed penis and had a cameo role in Bobbitt`s subsequent porn flick “Frankenpenis!”

For more than 95 men who later sued, the dream turned into a nightmare when Rosenstein`s silicon injections failed to take hold, leaving them disfigured, impotent or unable to urinate, according to lawsuits.

Dr. GARY HALL, Arizona:

$5.3 million in payments and 27 reports.

Still practicing. A Phoenix Ophthalmologist:

In 1996 the Arizona Board of Medical Examiners cited Hall for unprofessional conduct and put him on probation for three years. Resisting calls by some unhappy patients to revoke his license, the board last year responded to continued complaints by banning Hall from performing radial keratotomy but allowing him to do laser surgeries.

Dr. STEVEN G. MOOS, Oregon:

Licensed Suspended.

In 2000 the Oregon Board of Medical Examiners placed Dr. Moos on ten years of probation for problems associated with advertising and selling prescription drugs over the Internet. The Medical Board subsequently became aware of additional misconduct by Moos as a result of his criminal indictment in Multnomah County for unlawful drug use and a criminal investigation in California related to practicing medicine without a license.

Dr.Moos promoted Human Growth Hormone (HGH), illegally sold free samples of prescription drugs, and made misrepresentations concerning a gel marketed and sold on the Internet, which he claimed, contained the same active ingredient as Viagra; in fact, it did not, “Viaglide,” a female arousal cream. The defendants sold numerous tubes of “Viaglide,” at one point averaging 100 tubes per month at $19.99 per tube, but total sales are yet to be investigated.

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